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NOTE: Heavily soiled vehicles may not be applicable for the basic services. Upon our arrival your vehicle will be carefully evaluated to determine approximate work times and/or a better suited package if needed. An hourly rate of $75 per hour will be applied to the job if work time exceeds time frame listed in the packages above. We will present a fair recommendation to you and work out a friendly agreement before we begin our cleaning process.

Our mobile detailing services are provided to you by vehicles that are completely self contained upon request. We supply our own filtered de-ionized water and are also equipped with power on-board. We will travel virtually anywhere! We use specific products formulated to the application in request. We also offer decontamination services and paint correction services which are tailored to your vehicles paint condition. Such services include our pinnacle ultra-poly clay treatment and sealant for removing embedded contaminants from top coats. A wet sanding and/or compound polishing service for refining damaged top coats removing scratches, swirls, oxidation and other defects to create a clean sealable surface. For ultimate top-coat protection, we use synthetic polymers that fuse directly to the actual paint finish creating a sealed barrier of protection using a process called molecular cross linking. We offer a variety of waxes enriched with Teflon and Carnauba and Silicone to finish up our paint rejuvenation process. And finally we offer Ceramic Coating Services for long term and permanent protection. We use the absolute best products in the industry today! Some of the products we use are as... 3M, Pro, Tolco, Dyno, JetStream™, FADS, Gtechniqs, SwissVax™, Meguiars, RightLook, B.N.R. and much more... Our detailing packages start around $95. 

Mobile Detailing Packages