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NOTE: Heavily soiled vehicles may not be applicable for the basic services. Upon our arrival your vehicle will be carefully evaluated to determine approximate work times and/or a better suited package if needed. An hourly rate of $75 per hour will be applied to the job if work time exceeds time frame listed in the packages above. We will present a fair recommendation to you and work out a friendly agreement before we begin our cleaning process.

Exterior Detailing Packages

The Basic Wash service is intended for those who only need exterior care for their vehicle. It is perfect for people who might have recently had they're car detailed and ended up in a rain storm or maybe took a little road trip and would like to have the fresh road grime and love bugs cleaned off. For washing, we use mostly B.N.R. or F.A.D.S. products. We use 100% micro-fiber wash mitts for a complete hand wash experience. We use soft-bristled brushes for hard to reach areas. For drying, we use a filtered air blower and a synthetic chamois for a spot free surface. For Motorcycles, RV's & Boats or Semi's & Bus washes, we use Korkay products formulated for mildew, acid etch, and minor oxidation's. For heavier soiled vehicles like Farm / Heavy Construction Equipment we use Dyno products designed to tackle tough elements endured by commercial habitats. They are hard working solutions built with paint-safe compositions. For our Aircraft services, we primarily use JetStream Aviation products formulated for complex aircraft requirements and applications.



Exterior Only: Hand wash with a wax additive using micro fiber wash mitts, spot free rinsing, hand dry with synthetic chamois and filtered air, exterior windows cleaned streak-free, wheels, wheel wells and tires cleaned, dressed, and protected. The Basic Wash must be requested with multiple vehicles or with other services as we have a minimum $125.00 per visit.

Motorcycles $35 = 25 Minutes

+RainX = $40

2-Door Cars/2-Door Trucks(Ranger) $45 = 30 Minutes

+RainX = $60

4-Door Cars/4-Door Trucks(Ranger) $55 = 45 Minutes

+RainX = $75

Small SUV's/4-Door Trucks(F-150) $65 =1Hour

+RainX = $85

MidSize Suv's/Minivans/Trucks(F-350 & up) $75 = 1.25 Hours

+RainX = $105

FullSize SUV's/Large Vans up to 10 Passenger $95 = 1.5 Hours

+RainX = $135

XL Vans up to 16 Passenger/Limo's/Exc... $120 = 1.75 Hours

+RainX = $150 

For detailed information on the specific procedures for Boats, Rv's, Buses, Aircraft, Tractor Trailers, Farm and Heavy Construction Equipment.. See Package Description above and click on the vehicles of interest.