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Performance Mobile will drive directly to you. Whether you are at work, at home, at school, or even on vacation! Just as we value our workmanship and fair prices, we also take pride in carefully choosing the best products on the market! We use only products that have been proven to be the best on the planet.. such products include: Tolco, Korkay, Woolite, Pro Carnauba's, Meguiars, F.A.D.S. Products, Brite-N-Rite Products, SunTek, Johnsons Window Films, SolarGard, Du Pont, Diamont, PPG, Matrix, House of Kolor, Hot Hues, Carrizma, 3M, Iwata and more...
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We provide mobile services for: Automobiles, Airplanes, Mobile Homes, Trailers, Boats, Motorcycles, Rv's and Commercial Fleets. 
We have discounts for senior citizens and military personnel as well as recurring customers. We also have Gift Certificates and Coupons available. Click on any of the packages for details or contact us for more information.
(352) 789-0375
• Apply rain-x ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ $4.00
• New windshield wiper blade replacement (free installation) ----------------------------- $15.00 per blade.
• Add windshield washer fluid ---------------------------------------------------------------------- $4.00
• Remove heavily oxidized water spots from glass -------------------------------------------- $10.00 per glass.
• Apply exterior dressing to all exteriors rubbers & trim on standard size vehicles -- $7.00 (over-size & commercial vehicles $15.00.)
• Aluminum / chrome rim polishing on standard size vehicles ----------- $15.00 per rim. (over-sized & commercial vehicles $25.00 per rim.)
• Engine Degreasing and Dress on all standard size vehicles -------------------------------- $45.00 (over-size & commercial vehicles $75.00.)
• Spray-on wax supplement & shine on all standard size vehicles ------------------------- $10.00  (over-sized & commercial vehicles $15.00.)
• Professional wax application     • Motorcycles ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ProGold $15.00           SwissVax $45.00
                                                        • 2-door Cars, Small Trucks (Ranger / S-10) -----------------------------ProGold $30.00          SwissVax $95.00
                                                        • 4-door Cars, Mid-sized Trucks (F-150) ----------------------------------ProGold $35.00          SwissVax $105.00
                                                        • Large Trucks (F-250), Small & Mid Size SUVs, Minivans ---------ProGold $40.00          SwissVax $120.00
                                                        • Large Vans (8 passenger), Large SUVs, F-350's & Dually's ------ProGold $45.00          SwissVax $135.00
                                             Passenger Van's, Limo's (10 to 12 passenger) ---------------------- ProGold $50.00          SwissVax $150.00
Headlight restoration ----------------------------------------------------------------- $45.00 a pair or $25.00 per lense.
• Smoking headlights and tail lights -------------------------------------------------------------- $85.00 a pair or $150.00 for all four.
• For our paint restoring services (Paint Correction)  *Click Here*                            

• Leather seat care  *Deep cleansing and conditioning* -------------------------------------- $10.00 per row of seats.
• Headliner cleaning on standard size vehicle ---------------------------------------------------- $5.00 
• Scotch Guard  *Protect your seats & carpets from spills and other stains*  ----------- $10.00 per row of seats including carpets.
• Door jamb rejuvenation including trunk and hatch jambs --------------------------------------------- $5.00 per jamb. 
• Vacuum & shampoo --------- *including all carpets and applicable seats* -------------- $15.00 per row of seats.
Odor removal  • Cars and trucks ------------------------- $20.00 using enzyme extracts               $55.00 using an ozone generator
                              • Vans and SUV's ------------------------ $25.00 using enzyme extracts                $65.00 using an ozone generator